Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Grace Reflex

Isn’t it amazing how God made us? We have so many systems working in harmony with each other; syncopated in such a perfect manner as not to be found in any musical composition known to man.

One of the system mechanisms that I find rather fascinating, among many, is the reflex mechanism. I know that may sound trivial, but our reflex mechanisms performs all sorts of vital interventions for life and most often we don’t even think twice about their value; until they don’t properly function, then we really tend to notice.

In the same manner, the Grace of God in our lives has tremendous power and value in keeping us out of harms way or functioning in the most optimum manner to fulfill God’s will in our lives and the lives of others. All the while we just go on living, rarely if ever to stop and think about its function and significance.

Reflex: 1) automatic and involuntary, occurring automatically and involuntarily as a result of the nervous system's reaction to a stimulus; 2) extremely fast, very fast in reacting; 3) without thought or preparation, produced automatically, unthinkingly, and totally predictable in response to events.

Now these are but a few of the definitions of the word reflex, but I would like to tie them to the grace of God and express how I believe grace should be working in our lives.

I call it the Grace Reflex. An act of grace toward another or even yourself that is totally involuntary and not planned. It’s the kind of act that happens and we don’t even have to think about it.

Let me ask you, how’s your Grace Reflex?

When you are confronted with trials and difficulties, how do you react? Do you have to muster up all the will power you possess so you can navigate through the issue without blowing your cork? Or, does grace come so easy that it’s simply a reflex?

One of the most desirable places to be in Christ is so steeped in and operating in His grace that it happens without notice as to intention. Meaning, it looks so natural and without thought, that those around us are humbled and amazed at how real the grace of God can be.

I pray.

"Father God, may I grow in the grace and peace of my Lord Jesus Christ to such a degree that my outward treatment of others and my inward treatment of myself become so grace and peace oriented that none is given pause to think that I am trying to be, but that it’s simply a reflex proving all the more His work in me. Amen."

How’s your Grace Reflex?

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