Wednesday, December 30, 2009

_____ the Day of Being PC About Our Faith!

Here it is… if you got hung up on my suggested use of harsh or vulgar language, then you will have missed what the God of all eternity is saying. Isaiah 6:5 (NIV) “’Woe to me!’ I cried. ‘I am ruined! For I am a man of unclean lips, and live among a people of unclean lips, and my eyes have seen the King, the LORD Almighty.’” And yet we still converse and traffic in lies.

We are either a people of defeat… or a people of vague politically correct concessions. Or if we are so inclined to receive Wisdom; then we may become a people of Victory! That’s the bottom line. And if we’ve had generation upon generation, since the WW2 generation, who have opted for the “let’s all smoke a bowl and get along” mentality…, then we “is” in for some serious trouble! Excuse the redneck inference.

I for one am part of The Revolution. If we are not able or willing to hold to the teachings of Jesus Christ (John 8:31), the Scriptures and the leading Voice of the Spirit… then we have a major issue within our own ranks. And I’m kind of worried that we already do. A network of what… Amway salesmen? Draw me some circles.

I make that claim because we’ve lost the continuum of biblical value sets. I’m not talking about legalism, but I am talking about what we as the people of God have determined, by the grace of God’s Word, what to identify with in the written verse and the spoken Word to our spirits. What should His people “look” like within this present generation?

When I say “look” like, I’m not hung up on tattoos or piercing or fashion, but what I am hung up on is a composite behavioral lifestyle that not only mimics Jesus’ approach to culture, but also produces lives of Power and Effectiveness so as to change or cause change of mind and heart (repentance) within this present generation.

Just last night, as I drove past a prominent eastside Des Moines AG church, on the marquee they displayed a message regarding “values” as not being something that are transient or changing. Yet in America, that’s simply bologna!

We change our value sets as quickly as we change the 120 plus channels on our cable or satellite TV.

So albeit, Pastor Paul and his church may make a “factual” statement about what values “should” be… they do not present a “truthful” view of the present state of the American church… let alone American culture.

A dear friend of mine gave me some advice yesterday regarding a redemptive relationship that I have with an unbelieving friend.

Rule 1: In any relationship between a believer and a non believer, one person is the potter and one is the clay. If you are not the potter, then forget about the relationship.

Rule 2: Never spend time with people who are in an un-teachable mode. We have too many others who want to be discipled, so do not spend very much of my time with those who do not care to learn and grow.

I love the person who gave me this advice and appreciate the wisdom therein. What if we stopped trying to make everyone happy and got people healed and discipled; or not? If not, then get a great paying job and get on with life here on this earth and forget about eternity. In essence, get out of the disciple making business.

Hey, the crazed Jihadists around the world are doing a better job at recruiting than we are.

If we apply the principle of diminishing returns to discipleship and believe that numbers are the only thing worthy of noting, then we’ve missed the point that Jesus would have come for only the one.

Well… I’d better stop typing and get on with planning my New Year! It’s like getting a new car or something. No money down and zero percent interest. The real question is… can I afford the new annual payment plan? Batterson’s right about margins.

Forgive my intro and blog title… but I believe that our “unclean” lips are not based upon our cussing or the lack thereof, but based upon the relative denial of the Truth that is so rampant within the church, thereby giving way to error or uncleanness in our verbal communication.

Keep in mind all you Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers… your goal? Not equipping the saints to clean the church or teach a class or shovel snow, but His goal, to cause His people to speak the truth in love and thereby cause His kids (and maybe even the world) to grow up in Him. Ephesians 4:15.


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