Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stop Scaring Everybody?

Just the other day President Obama used those words in a speech. “Stop Scaring Everybody!” Now he was referring to conservative pundits who were raising some very alarming facts regarding the health care reform issue. I won’t get into a political debate right now, because that is for cooler heads than mine, but I will raise a few points regarding his words. They are indicative of a corrupt and depraved generation.

Does anybody remember the Apostle Paul’s prophetic writings in which he warns Timothy (and us) regarding the last days before the Parousia? It seems to me he wrote of peoples intolerance for truth. As a result, this intolerant population would demonize anyone who taught or held to sound doctrine. They would actually ostracize and ignore the truth.

Sounds like the Presidents words are just one more indication we are moving down the prophetic continuum.

Which raises another thought on repentance; has it become a lost Bible doctrine?

Not only is it a lost doctrine, but also a lost practice. Because we’ve softened the Gospel message, we’ve taken the onus of repentance off the hearer and placed it upon the speaker. That’s right the speaker. We’re the ones having to repent of what we’ve been saying for centuries.

Those of you who stand in the pulpit week in and week out understand what I’m talking about. Especially if you’re close to the Father’s heart and especially if you understand that the clock is ticking.

Isn’t it the truth, today the authority of a Gospel speaker is brought into question, when the speaker “steps on toes” and makes people feel uncomfortable? Because biblical truth can make people uncomfortable or offended, we’re gently told that we need to preach more grace. We’re told that if we offend everyone, we won’t have anyone to preach to, so don’t offend anyone.

But a cursory read of John 6 will reveal that Jesus took great pains at regularly sifting those following Him. As a matter of fact He even said if you really believe in Him and the Father, you would NOT be offended by the criteria He was establishing for Kingdom access.

Many preachers today take out the hard sayings from scripture. They ply a trade of good feelings doctrine, because popularity keeps the coffers full and keeps the followers following. I spent almost 2 full years in a prominent local AG church back in 2001-2002 and not once did I hear a message that included the word REPENT. As a matter of fact, if and when an allusion to repentance or change was found in the text, it was tacitly SKIPPED OVER and the hearers were directed to the dessert at the end of the text.

I raise that example because HOW PEOPLE LIVE and BEHAVE should be indicators of true repentance (Matthew 3:8). Granted, many who find true salvation are simply starting a journey. A journey that requires deep healing, cleansing and deliverance… but in due season CHANGE for the better SHOULD be the results of a life that has embrace God’s THINKING on all matters (repentance).

Because we have multiple generations who now pick and choose biblical truth like it’s some Bible-buffet, we have a generation of church brats that only know how to eat M&M’s and never touch their veggies (you can blame Doug Bryce for my rant).

To end this long post… when you hear our President telling the fact finders to “stop scaring everybody” you can be rest assured that spirit is also in the church.

My thinking is this: The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline. Well it’s not actually mine, but I stand by it. I’d say fear is a pretty good starting place Mr. President. Anyone else?

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