Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Few Thoughts

Just a few things. 1) I've been away from the net for a while, because I took a week off to clear my head and heart... kinda like an Internet fast. 2) I really loved my anonymous friend's comment posted regarding belief in God or the lack thereof. It was pretty thoughtful and will take some time for me to think through and respond to, but it was still a good response. 3) My friend's post has gotten me thinking about apologetics and the necessity thereof... I'm not sure if I'm supposed to engage in a "debate" about God, but maybe more of a discussion of what I believe God (if there is a God - and I do believe there is) has done in my life. I'm kinda jazzed in a way, because the folly of the cross always stirs up discussion amongst people who have deep thoughts and tender hearts. 4) I'm not gonna post much more tonight simply because I'm tired and don't seem to have the time for deep and free thinking and writing these days. That will change soon I'm sure.

So for now... I'll stop. I'm waiting for the offer to have coffee with my friend.

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