Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Short Posts and Curb Appeal

When I said... shorter posts... what I really meant was... the fences I'll be building in 2009 will be much shorter. That will allow many of you to peek over and get a glimpse of my back yard.

And speaking of back yards. Yes, I spoke of back yards. I wonder how often we consider the back yard side of our lives? I mean really... the front yard and the front of the house is what many are concerned about... you know "curb appeal"?

I'm not so much into yard work or beautifying the landscaping around my home... just ask my wife... because beyond just keeping things mowed and as weed free as possible... I'm not really into keeping up with the Jones'. Besides we don't have any neighbors named Jones.

I take a holistic approach to my front and back yard that is simple and easy... less is best. Oh I know many of you like yard work, flowers, and just diggin' in the dirt and being outside. But, since at this time in my life... during the spring, summer and fall I work outdoors much of the time... when I come home from work... I really don't want to be outside very much.

Now the swing to my point: If all we ever concern ourselves with is the "curb appeal" on our homes, but ignore cracks in the foundation, leaking roof, windows that are energy in-efficient, etc. etc., our long term investment can dissolve into long term loss. We've gotta take care of the front yard, the back yard, the whole house... And so too with our very lives... Jesus said that we are to love God with our heart, soul, mind, and strength... that seems very complete. That seems like we are to be concerned with the entire investment of our lives... and not just the outside or the curb appeal.

Keep that in mind the next time you sit down to determine your life schedule and priorities... especially in this coming New Year. Matthew 6:33.

Happy New Year

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