Saturday, December 8, 2007

Religion or Real Faith?

Just a few days ago, I saw a news report following one of the presidential candidates public announcements about his faith. The commentators were interviewing several radio personalities who had people call into their show following the speech on faith.

The dominant Conservative response was this in a nutshell. "We don't care what religion a person is, just as long as they have faith in God and are not an atheist." The men being interviewed indicated that almost every single caller responded in kind.

So my thinking is this, have we gotten to the place where, "faith" in any religion or any philosophy is enough to give us comfort and confidence in a presidential candidate.

And if so, does that same sentiment hold for what ever church a person chooses. "Oh... it doesn't really matter what religion I am or church I attend, as long as it makes me feel good and gives me a sense of something to believe in."

My contention is this... what type of "faith" a person has, does matter. It must be fully biblical faith in Jesus Christ alone. I often believe that we've come to the place where genuine Christianity... Christianity that is NOT concerned with popularity... has all but been replaced by designer types of neo-christian faith.

I for one am very unsettled by things like this.

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